Better access to health care goes beyond the physical means of buildings, hospitals and clinics. Better access involves an inclusive and diverse workforce that is equipped with the cultural sensitivity to serve the community. An inclusive workforce will not only benefit your organization, but also the health of the community it serves.


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A more diverse Oregon requires a more diverse health care workforce to care for our communities. Learn what the data tells us.

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Many organizations in Central Oregon are on the right track to address the need of a more culturally competent workforce. Learn about what’s going on in our community now.

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Diversity in health care starts with a more inclusive business culture that is willing to address the problem and implement strategic plans. Learn about what you can do to help advocate for this change.

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Sydney is the youngest of three children and comes from a single parent household. Her mom works two jobs and rarely has the time and economic resources to take her in for annual check-ups. 

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Martina had a fall a few years back at work and can no longer walk independently. She has become dependent on her walker and requires the assistance of her daughter. 

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 Dilara has a daughter who was born with type 1 diabetes. The diet restriction that her doctor recommends does not reflect the cuisine of her culture. 

How can we help her?


Edward struggles with depression associated with his gender identity. He has trouble finding mental health specialists specific to his needs surrounding transgendered health.

How can we help him?

About Central Oregon Cares

Central Oregon Cares is a partnership for diversity in the health care workforce, comprised of Central Oregon Health CouncilSt. Charles Health System, PacificSource, Cascades East AHEC, and East Cascades Works. Our partnership formed out of our belief that lives are at risk due to health systems that favor the dominant culture, resulting in preventable health disparities. Our goal is to create an inclusive health system where the culture of care:

  • is individualized

  • respects and responds to diverse communities

  • increases access

  • improves health outcomes

If you have thoughts on how we can better achieve this goal, please send us a message on the Contact Us page. Thank you.